Helping Protect the Victims of Clergy Abuse

  Some priests, brothers and nuns were true to their calling and were kind and good to children. Unfortunately, others were not good to children, and in fact committed terrible acts of abuse.

Recent years have seen an overwhelming number of men, women, adolescents, children and their families come forward to accuse members of the Catholic Clergy of sexual abuse. Many priests have been convicted on multiple counts of child abuse, rape, sexual abuse and inappropriate sexual conduct. These reports and complaints have revealed the abominable crimes that were being committed sometimes daily in churches across the country. More and more survivors of clergy abuse have found the courage and strength to come forward and give the information needed to bring these atrocities to light in an age where there can be no tolerance for these heinous crimes committed against children, young people and others.

If you or someone you know suffered abuse by a priest, brother, nun or at a Catholic institution, you have important information that will help protect today's children. Speak confidentially to attorneys seeking information about all clergy and nuns serving in Montana since the 1930's including:

Father Bernard "Bernie" Harris
Father A.J. "Freddy" Ferretti
Brother Rene "Charley" Gallant
Father Edmund Robinson
Father Wilson Smart 
Mother Loyola
Father James Barry
Father George Ferguson
Father Joseph S. Heretick
Father Clarence Moreau
Father James Reynolds
Father Theodore "Ted" F. Szudera

Attorney Network in Aid of Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors
Leander James or Craig Vernon
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Tim Kosnoff or Dan Fasy
Kosnoff Fasy PLLC
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Joseph Blumel
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Datsopoulos, MacDonald & Lind, P.C.
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